Customize your own Stone Engraving Here.

Choose a stone size. Each stone is a one of a kind rock that will be custom engraved. Create a pet memorial, or a nice stone for your garden. All you have to do after you choose a stone size is fill out the form below the image. Write the text that you want to be engraved on your stone. There are endless clip art images available, so just write a general idea and we will find clip art that will match. Your Stone will be engraved with your text in the font you choose.  We then paint your stone with a 30 year stone paint. The paint is the industry standard for monuments. When the stone is finished it is packed and shiped directly to you.


Free shipping in the lower 48 states

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Large Rocks 12"-18" Length


Helpful Tips


1. Small and Medium stones usually only fit 1 word per stone.

2. Shorter Text will appear larger.

3. You can have no text and only use an image.

4. Text looks better in all capital letters.

5. You will be contacted by email if we have a question.

6. You can use this also for a general idea.

7. Use the additional comments to explain details about your idea.



We reserve the right to pick out the color of rock (no special requests)

Not all rocks will set-up on their own, we will not sort through rocks to find one that will set up

The smallest text we will go is 1" per letter